In-Person Time Billing
Video(On-line) or Location (On-site)

Pitching Chance

$10 / 10 mins

Spot Job

$100 / 6 hours

Knowledge Transfer

$360 / 120 mins

Fan Interaction

$100 / 5 mins

Video Survey

$10 / 20 mins

Scouting Interview

$50 / 30 mins


$10 / 30 mins

Gaming Partner

$15 / 120 mins

Foreign Language Lesson

$40 / 60 mins


$50 / 60 mins


$50 / 60 mins


$20 / 60 mins

Escrow available for various payment methods
"In-Person Time (Video/Location)"
"Delivery/Task Completion"

The fees are 25% up to $40 per client
and then fixed at 5% thereafter

Deliverable/Task Completion

Develop Software


Celeb Video Message


Legal Docs


Youtube Video








3D Design


With a company account, multiple member accounts can be created,
enabling centralized transaction management.

What is BookYou?

In recent years, the concept of "spot work - temporary jobs" has become common, where companies and workers are matched to perform work at times convenient for both parties, rather than signing long-term employment contracts.
In addition to part-time jobs with hourly wages, a wide variety of spot (one-off) jobs, such as GIG economy jobs, online lessons, and life-related jobs, are traded through a variety of services.
From the consumer's perspective, all of this can be considered "spot work" that is not regular employment.

BookYou offers two types of escrow payments: 1. In-Person (time charge) and 2. Full-Remote (due date). Its unique UI allows transaction details to be determined through message threads, enabling the publication of agreements post-transaction instead of contracts. It acts as a single platform for all types of gig work, providing them at more affordable rates than others, essentially serving as a unified solution for side jobs and gig work transactions.
Individuals, not just businesses, can use the platform for free to post recruitment ads. Users can also search for others who match their needs, specify details, and send booking requests.
Our aim is to target the next phase of growth in the rapidly expanding gig work and temporary job transactions market

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process Usage flow

  1. 01Membership registration


  2. 02Create a booking request※1


  3. 03Agree on the terms of the booking


  4. 04Execute the booking


  5. 05Redeem and receive money※3


  1. You need to buy BookYou points in order to make a booking request
  2. Booking content can be adjusted as you like. To avoid any discrepancies, make sure to agree on the location, time, and details of the booking.
  3. The points expire 6 months after obtaining / purcashing the them.
  4. Some users without a PayPal account may not be able to cash out.
  5. Please note that a video communication fee of USD0.03 per minute will be charged separately for Video Booking.